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Three materials dominate the mattress topper market. Which topper material is the ideal choice, as always depends on personal preferences. It is, therefore, worthwhile to take a closer look at the differences and strengths of the individual materials.

Visco Topper 120×200

Toppers made of viscose foam are then worth a recommendation if the mattress is perceived as too hard. They provide a soft surface and improve the elasticity of these. Pressure-sensitive and side-sleeper benefit particularly strongly. Viscose is also thermoelastic and thus adapts to body temperature. This ensures a very good relief of the muscles.

Cold foam topper 120×200 cm

120×200 cm mattresses Toppers made of cold foam have many advantages, including, for example, the excellent adaptability to the body and the different weight distribution when sleeping. As a result, these toppers provide a very good supporting force, which makes a valuable argument for, for example, abdominal sleepers or people with known orthopedic problems. The cold foam adapts lightning fast to the distributed weight and the pressure load and returns as quickly back to its original form. Do not miss to visit our mattress sale section for the best deal.

Gel topper 120×200

The 120×200 cm gel toppers ensure a first-class point elastic effect, which in turn allows owners to benefit from a very high-pressure relief. The higher pressure relief is conducive to the circulation of the entire body. The material is also considered very robust, also very quickly returns to its original form and is rather immune to mite infestation. In addition, gel foam has the identical tempering properties of the cold foam, so that heat does not accumulate, but is transported away quickly.

What to look for when buying the mattress topper in 120×200 cm dimensions?

The height of the topper should be at least 4 cm, which is the lowest standard. In general, a topper is higher, it can also adapt better to the body and is also more resistant because he does not sag so quickly. Height is therefore often an indication of quality.

Especially allergy sufferers should make sure that the cover from the topper is removable and washable in the washing machine at 60 degrees. Only at 60 degrees mites and related bacteria are killed really reliable. Most high-quality toppers are hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.